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It was so, 24. : A harrow comprising two ranks of oppositely curved trailing teeth is especially popular in some countries. The 8,000 men spread themselves over the fertile fields along the valleys of the Bann and the Roe, destroying the standing grain with fire, where it would burn, or with the _praca_, a peculiar kind of harrow, tearing it up by the roots. 66+3 sentence examples: 1. A future presidential candidate might have participated in harrowing door-to-door sweeps during the bloody fight for Fallujah last month. 11. No detectable fragments may survive this, 14. extremely painful. Yesterday I harnessed Jay and Jack and hitched them to the spring-tine harrow, heading for the new ground that was cleared and turned last fall. A future presidential candidate might have participated in harrowing door-to-door sweeps during the bloody fight for Fallujah last month. This practice of leaving the middles interferes with proper harrowing and after-cultivation. The scenes of Raynor injecting himself are sickening and his drug withdrawal sequence is. The scene was harrowing, and only two of its incidents are material to this history. Examples of Harrow in a sentence Once the harrow broke up the clods of dirt on the farm, the farmer was able to plant the seeds. 2. harrowing. Harrow sentence examples. I hooked Sam and Silver to the spring-tine harrow, a simple frame with C-shaped tines that stick down into the soil to loosen the top layer, level it, knock out clumps. I noticed it in the morning, with the team harnessed, walking down the driveway on the way to the spring-tine harrow. The harrowing list of example sentences with harrowing. You may have an easier time writing sentences with harrowing if you know what words are likely to come before or after it, or simply what words are often found in the same sentence. producing distress or discomfort. Oh! https://www.foboko.com/sentence-dictionary/english/harrowing Whether I'd stuck to my guns or not, it had been a harrowing experience and I felt abused. Despairingly; 1. harrowing definition: 1. extremely upsetting because connected with suffering: 2. extremely upsetting because connected…. Nobody was at home, but Daylight dismounted and ranged the vegetable garden, eating strawberries and green peas, inspecting the old adobe barn and the rusty plough and harrow, and rolling and smoking cigarettes while he watched the antics of several broods of young chickens and the mother hens. 32: 20); but doubtless there was some kind of harrow also for covering in the seed scattered in the furrows of the field. And then the crash of high explosive bombs, bursting in harrow-tooth lines across the city. When we return, will a tale unfold whose lightest word will harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, make they two eyes like stars start from their spheres, thy knotted and combined locks to part and each particular hair to stand on end like quills upon the fretful porpentine. Synonyms: distressing, disturbing, alarming, frightening More … I rested, looked for the humor, regained my composure, and began again, and halfway down the length of the field the harrow picked up a heavy root, drew it back like a striking snake, and sent it snapping into the bone of my shin. Sentencedict.com try its best to collect and build good sentences. Source. He gets visibly upset when talking about the transplants, saying they needlessly subject children to, 29. ‘it was a harrowing experience’ ‘The committee has heard a number of submissions, some of which were harrowing.’ ‘Ethiopia, where 10 to 14 million people now face famine, is also going through a harrowing … The bundle must also have included farming implements such as a plow and a harrow, a wagon, and tack for their 15 horses. harrowing (noun) - same as harrying, It was called a harrow, and it looked like this: --, English the word is used in the sense of 'harrow' and also of. We will not dwell upon the harrowing events of the next few days. Harrowingly definition: in a harrowing manner | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A device consisting of a heavy framework having several disks or teeth in a row, which is dragged across ploughed land to smooth or break up the soil, to remove weeds or cover seeds; a harrow plow. This is probably the meaning, but there is a verb 'harrow' corrupted from 'harry,' to subdue; hence some read "harried with grief and fear.". 3. 29. The harrow is a large bundle of brushwood, on which some one squats to weight it down. Luckily, Shane Sharpe had loaned us his horse-drawn disc harrow. Wish you can benefit from sentencedict.com and make progress everyday! To effect a remodelling when the ground is in stubble, let it be ploughed up, harrowed, and cleaned as in a summer fallow, the levelling-box employed when required, the stuff from the conductors and main drains spread abroad, and the beds ploughed into shape - all operations that can be performed at little expense. you harrow me to the soul! The old man clapped his hands despairingly. Despite critical letters from their families and, 20. One rented farm, a distant grazing permit, 100 cattle, 600 sheep, six horses, six slaves, one old ox wagon, an old plow, a wooden harrow, and assorted housewares. The shipwreck was a harrowing experience. She slammed a mental door shut on the, 23. No, he thought almost despairingly. Hunt they harrow the hill for to rout them rollicking rogues from, rule those racketeer romps from, rein their rockery rides from. harrowing translations: desgarrador, angustioso, angustioso, desgarrador. Sentence Examples The land should be well ploughed to the depth of 15 cm to 20 cm, and harrowed to provide reasonable tilth and good ridges. 3. 2. Even more rarely (and archaically), it can mean harrying or harassing as in: "We are harrowing their army as they advance northward." Ms . 5. Words that often come before harrowing in sentences. These last words were not heard; such a mention of her mother had already overpowered her, and unable to let him keep up his delusion, she supported her shaking frame against his shoulder, and exclaimed in a tone of agony: 'O my father! Vaness attacks her harrowing set pieces with considerable success. The harrow was a crude device, knocked together by one of the Blacks from a fork in an oak trunk. Harrowing In A Sentence How To Use Harrowing In A Sentence? harrowing. Synonym: agonising , agonizing , excruciating , torturesome , torturing , torturous . A harrowing experience is extremely upsetting or disturbing. For many women, the harrowing prospect of giving evidence in a rape case can be too much to bear. The Irish farmer is with the poet, who hits his harrowing anguish to a hair. His linguistic minimalism can also be effective-his low-key description of a hanging is quite the most, 25. In the morning, after his breakfast, he came to me, and without giving me any breakfast, tied me to a large heavy harrow, which is usually drawn by a horse, and made me drag it to the cotton field for the horse to use in the field. Despite all this talent, however, Simon describes his trip to Broadway as a somewhat, 27. 4. Learn more. Learn more. For working the land they had two plows and a harrow, for transportation three wagons, one of them new but still without a yoke or reins, suggesting they were in the process of equipping themselves to move more goods or people. Example sentences with the word harrowing. This is done with some form of harrow or weeder, and, of course, subsequently to the plowing of the land. After many hair-raising adventures, most not only survive but emerge wiser and stronger as a result of their, 30. Dictionary For many women, the harrowing prospect of giving evidence in a rape case can be too much to bear. The nearby dairy farmer plowed and harrowed the garden, and we planted cover crops of annual ryegrass and winter rye. The door being half off its hinges, the entrance was for the time protected by a broken harrow, which must necessarily be removed before entry could be obtained. 3. December 2004. harrow. To harrow Rasmunsen's soul further, he discovered three competitors in the egg business. In highly irrigated spots the seed was trampled in by cattle (Isa. extremely disturbing or distressing; grievous: a harrowing experience. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. 6. The "harrow" mentioned in Job 39: 10 was not used to cover the seeds, but to break the clods, being little more than a thick block of wood. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases. It’s too late, he thought despairingly. How to use harrowing in a sentence. harrowing: 1 adj extremely painful Synonyms: agonising , agonizing , excruciating , torturesome , torturing , torturous painful causing physical or psychological pain Stapledon strongly recommends a second, 15. Sentence count:66+3 Posted: 2017-02-01 Updated: 2017-02-01. When Hank thought the plane was going to crash, he had a heart attack because the incident was so harrowing. Purchasing a harrow will allow any farmer to … Waiting to learn about their missing daughter was a harrowing experience for the Smiths. How to use harrowing in a sentence. Nearly all the relatives have agreed not to make a, 26. Examples of harrowing tale in a sentence, how to use it. Oh, was not this an appalling and harrowing reflection for a proud spirit like his? — Charles Horner. Spanish Translation of “harrowing” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Words that aren't necessarily predecessors or successors, but are often found in the same sentence. For example: "the harrowing" or "a harrowing", Words that often come after harrowing in sentences. In the winter, work is slack, and these floating populations eddy into the cities to eke out a precarious existence and harrow the souls of the police officers until the return of warm weather and work. In the harrowing, Christ sweeps down upon death, hell, and the Devil, smashes down the doors of hell, and triumphantly carries the just off to heaven. Most people chose this as the best definition of harrowing: Extremely distressing; ag... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. After 2 or 3 months I was quickly picking up the language and learning to plough, harrow, scythe & milk the cows, in fact everything on the farm and was soon being sent out to work by myself. You've had a harrowing time this past month. Harrow down the clods, level the ridges by cross ploughing, work the land thoroughly. Because of her harrowing experience on an out-of-control roller coaster, Julia refuses to step foot in an amusement park. used in a sentence ... Much more rarely, harrowing can mean breaking apart soil on a farm. Other Words from harrowing Synonyms & … 12. Synonyms: distressing, disturbing, alarming, frightening More Synonyms of harrowing … harrowing meaning: 1. extremely upsetting because connected with suffering: 2. extremely upsetting because connected…. (hæroʊɪŋ ) adjective. Jay and Jack were excited by spring and their first rations of corn, from the heavy draft of the harrow over the soft, rough earth. For example: "harrowing of" or "harrowing experience". I don't think I could live through such a harrowing event again. But with the winter monsoon yet to set in, it … Definition of harrowing. Meanwhile, the scarred veteran Inman Similar words: harrow , throw in , arrow , narrow , sparrow , flowing , owing to , blowing . 30. But it was not the quake that swept through me like a harrow through fine soil. Meaning: ['hærəʊɪŋ] adj. Despairingly in a sentence. sentence examples. Not one of those rustic wassals of the Ouse of Widdlers, but ad his air curled and his shirt-sheaves tied up with pink ribbing as he led to the macy dance some appy country gal, with a black velvit boddice and a redd or yaller petticoat, a hormylu cross on her neck, and a silver harrow in her air! In the morning after his breakfast he came to me, and without giving me any thing to eat or drink, tied me to a large heavy harrow, which is usually drawn by a horse, and made me drag it to the cotton-field for the horse to use in the field ... .. I didn't think I could sit through the film again. The car wreck was a harrowing incident for me. To break up and level ( soil or land ) with harrow. I was born across the river where I was borrowed with clothespins, a harrow tooth, broadsides sewn in my shoes. The case made harrowing reading, but far worse was the account of how passers-by behaved. It was a harrowing journey through war-torn Afghanistan. Plows, a harrow, harnesses for draft horses and oxen, empty grain sacks, scythes, and sickles all attest to active cultivation at Groote Valleij, although Barend Lubbe did not report a grain harvest to the opgaaf. 2. 1. 13. Improvements in the plough, harrow and roller were introduced, adapting those implements to different soils and purposes. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary. harrowing example sentences. 53. Derek watched despairingly as the truck motored its way back. 66+3 sentence examples: 1. 5. In sawahs however the surface has in general so little consistence that no furrow is perceptible, and the plough does little more than loosen the stiff mud to some depth, and cut the roots of the grass and weeds, from which it is afterwards cleared by means of a kind of harrow or rake, being a thick plank of heavy wood with strong wooden teeth and loaded with earth where necessary. Sir Donald listened with patient sympathy to these harrowing details. 26. No, we will not be such fools: I know you have better sense, when you talk freely of the blessing of Liberty; but I am aware that all persons can understand well one part of the harrow which is attached to slavery, while it is matter of moral impossibility for any human being to form an opinion of the torment which poor slaves often undergo. 2. 11. Definition of Harrowing . : Irpex, a harrow, so called from a fancied resemblance of its teeth to the teeth of a harrow. Saying this he sinks despairingly in the rear of the. But 19-year-old model Saffron Domini needed little persuasion to appear in a, 28. Reporting a rape remains a strenuous and, 16. One study showed that to use a disk harrow at a rate that would return the cost of the machine in terms of the price of crops, required at least 200 acres. Examples of Harrowing in a sentence. 13 examples: It is a harrowing tale. A harrowing experience is extremely upsetting or disturbing. … It was called a harrow, and it looked like the diagram on the next page. He had bought a plow and harrow during earlier visits which he wanted to use with one of the two tractors we had schlepped over. 5. The train crash was a harrowing experience for everyone involved. The 10 mm ×10 mm ×55 mm specimens and the 200 mm diameter 6 mm thickness harrow disk are made of the steel. 12. There was a disc harrow on the farm, but it was the modern kind, humongous, meant to be pulled by a large tractor. You've had a harrowing time this past month. : acutely distressing or painful a harrowing experience Mr. Wu's work in a coal mine was particularly harrowing. The John Kerry of the Future I hate the monks, with their drawling nasal tone like so many frogs, and their long black petticoats like so many women, and their reverences, and their lordships, and their lazy vassals that do nothing but peddle in the mire with plough and harrow from Yule to. It was called a harrow, and it looked like the diagram on the next page. - Each case has brought its own harrowing tale—a story… I once rented a house with that, and a lot more from the mid to late sixties on the record shelves; a couscoussier in the kitchen; a Moroccan threshing sledge, which I've also seen described as a 'harrow', and a half skeleton in a nicely made wooden box, with an address opposite the Br*tish Museum stamped on the lid, in the sitting room. There was a kind of harrow that took one straight back to the later Stone Age.

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