finland in winter

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You can also join our facebook group to talk all things travel and photography related! All in all, I can highly recommend the trip on the Sampo icebreaker. Can you please share with me how you move from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. You can compare car rental prices and book online here. Winter is long in Finland, so spring normally doesn’t pop up until April, or in May if you’re in the north. Here, you will learn all about the history and development of the city. Depending on location, winters in Finland last from four to six months between November and April. In the winter, the Finnish weather is cold with snowfalls. You can travel around Finland by bus, train, plane, car, or via a guided tour. With 2 weeks in Finland, you might also spend 3-4 days in Helsinki and then maybe pick one other city to spend a couple days in (e.g., Porvoo, Rauma, Oulu) or consider some day trips from Helsinki (e.g., Porvoo). There are also the traditionally-constructed igloo’s, made out of snow, that you can spend the night in. Visiting finland anytime of year is nice, but we believe you should visit Finland this winter or any winter. Glad you found it useful and good luck planning your winter travels to Finland. Tickets also include free entry into the SnowCastle (January to April) in Kemi, which is a castle that is made of snow and ice that is built each winter. If you have any questions about visiting Finland in winter or about visiting Finland in general, feel free to ask us in the Comments section below. You can see our guide to, For outdoor winter activities, we can particularly recommend the northern town of Rovaniemi. Within Helsinki, it is easy to get around without a car by using public transportation, sightseeing buses, and/or taxis. The Christmas markets are easily one of my favorite things about Europe in general! These are glass-enclosed igloos that allow you to stare up into the sky for a comfortable aurora viewing opportunity from the privacy of your own bed. Your email address will not be published. Finland has a good countrywide transportation system. It is fairly easy to rent a car in Finland and Finland has a good road network, but make sure you understand the winter road regulations and know how to use everything in your car before you leave the rental lot, especially if you are not experienced in driving in winter conditions. Glad you got a YouTube video of it! The best way to see these is to take a hike in the park. ~ Jessica. Your email address will not be published. You can get to Santa Claus Village by driving, taking the Santa’s Express bus, a local bus, or by taxi. And then I realized, how my actions were opposite from smart, cause tickets were for the end of April. If you fly, you can either depart on the evening of day 2 or early in the morning of day 3. We can suggest taking some time to go Christmas shopping (even if it’s after Christmas, you can stock up for the next one!). The Coast and Archipelago and Lakeside regions undergo major changes from summer to winter. In Fingrid’s estimate, peak consumption in the coming winter could reach approximately 15,100 megawatts in Finland. Just check locally for your options. On all the tours I’ve been on the guides have always ensured that people swap so both can have the experience of driving if they want. If the ground is covered with snow and ice, it is also slippery. One thing we learned in Iceland is that the Arctic Circle is not fixed and fluctuates slightly over time, so actual markers and signs are often not entirely accurate but they are close enough for most of us! During this time, it was also possible to take a walk on the snow covered ice, which was also a unique experience. It’s a popular place for a range of outdoor activities, including snowshoeing, hiking and skiing. We’ve also visited Levi, which is the largest alpine ski resort in Finland and located much further north well above the Arctic Circle. It’s also a great activity to pair with other activities, such as watching the Northern Lights or going ice fishing. You float along like the broken ice. I also recommend you download an app for your smartphone that will notify you of aurora activity. Although wild reindeer used to be found across most of Finland, today there are only a small number of wild reindeer left in Finland. I love the idea of a full-on winter holiday like this. I have a ONEBIGDREAM: to try dog sledding in freezing cold snowy Finland. Finland was the first place that Laurence truly experienced freezing temperatures, winter driving, and lots of snow. does require a minimum amount of effort, but mostly we found that the dogs seemed to know what they were doing in terms of direction and so on. I too can go only in early Jan, and was wondering the probability of seeing the Northern Lights then. During our first visit during winter, he said it was almost like visiting another country as the weather, scenery, and available activities change a lot! Learn more about the Russo-Finnish War in … Laurence spent a lot of time trying to figure out the rules (his first hockey game), and it was also a great place for sausage eating (typical hockey game food) and people watching. Lapland is a good place to do all those sorts of winter activities. We gave kick sledging a go in Rauma, and it had unfortunately just snowed, which made it more difficult as kicksledding works best on unsalted ice or hard packed snow. Looking for something unique to do in Finland? Yes, we totally agree. Looking for a unique winter venue to have a meal?

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