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I aim to keep the car for 7-8 years at least. The result was that you cannot aggressively wheel-spin by slipping the clutch. The Hyundai Venue Turbo iMT also gets hill hold assist that prevents the car from rolling back when you are getting going on a steep slope. The Toyota Fortuner diesel has an intelligent manual transmission option. And we also look at whether this is a good option to the other transmission options. The IMT factory was founded in 1947 as the Central Foundry. When you do feel the need to change gears, just slot the gear knob into the desired position and shift up or down like you normally would. In fact, it is at par with the shifting skills of a very good driver. It does not shift as quickly as a regular manual gearbox when driven enthusiastically, but most of the time, in regular driving conditions, the shifts are seamless. Changing gears is not a problem because the shifts in the iMT are as slick as a regular manual. Under regular driving conditions, there’s no reason for the iMT to consume more fuel. Here, the work of the actuator is to build up hydraulic pressure and transfer the same via a concentric slave cylinder (CCS) which in turn engages/disengages the clutch plate. No, you cannot stall the Venue iMT. But, in a car with intelligent manual transmission, one still needs to shift gears manually, with the help of a gear knob. Then, the TCU sends a signal to the hydraulic clutch actuator to engage or disengage the clutch plate when the gear if shifted up or down. Driving in bumper to bumper traffic during peak hours has become a daily routine for many, and it has certainly taken a toll on both you and your car. Then came the bit affordable AMTs which are crappy because they were not research & developed for Indian market. A reminder alarm to shift down the gears displays on the multi information display on the cluster and you have to slot the gearbox into second or first to get a move on. Many buyers want an automatic transmission but they hate the characteristics of technologies like the AMT. Hyundai has just released details of a new gearbox option for the Venue. Lifting off the throttle between shifts smoothens the shifts and that makes the drive even more seamless. Given that most of the gearbox components of the iMT and the regular manual are the same, the fuel economy will also be the same. What is iMT? For the latest auto news and reviews, follow on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. There’s no single variant of the Venue with all three gearbox options. The new gearbox option is called the intelligent manual transmission or the iMT. For buyers who want more control over gear shifts with the convenience of automatic. It is basically driving an automatic car. The Hyundai Venue Turbo iMT with clutchless manual gearbox, The first-of-its-kind clutchless manual transmission in the Hyundai Venue Turbo iMT seems like the ultimate cost-effective solution for hassle-free driving. There are sensors that detect the incline angles and apply the brakes. Absolutely! international wind turbine gearbox standard is an example where gear products can be used in reliable mechanical systems today. Then, iMT technology is said to offer better fuel efficiency too, because of electronically controlled clutch operations. It is smoother than AMT with no jerks. It is a very smart move by Hyundai India and there’s no question that this is an excellent option to consider. The automatic transmissions require oil changes frequently. Moreover, the shifts in the iMT are not as lazy as they are in an AMT or a CVT and that’s a very good thing. It is quite unusual in my country. 1. Using a ‘clutch-by-wire’ setup, iMT is expected to boost fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, while retaining the driver engagement characteristic of traditional manual transmissions. A CVT is a type of automatic transmission that delivers seamless acceleration without interruption for gear shifts. Saab, the now defunct Swedish car manufacturer offered a similar technology, called the 'Sensonic' on its turbo models back in the 90s. Like we mentioned earlier in the story, Hyundai will be the first manufacturer to offer this technology on a subcompact SUV in India, the Venue. (The iMT technology will be offered on the Hyundai Venue starting this month). Automate the operation of the clutch and remove the hassles of clutch-in, clutch-out and clutch-slip in stop-go traffic while retaining the regular manual gear lever. Agrogas, which is the official distributor of IMT tractor tractors, has introduced new models. So, the iMT technology isn't really new, so to say! In fact the launch on the DCT and iMT is almost on par but the DCT has a quicker 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd shift which gives it almost a second advantage in the 0-100kmph sprint. This sensor detects the driver's intention to shift gears, which sends signals to a Transmission Control Unit (TCU). You need to slot it into neutral and then press the start-stop button on the Hyundai Venue Turbo. Another reason why the iMT makes sense is because of how it functions in stop and go traffic. Out! The iMT is a one of its kind gearbox offered in the subcompact SUV segment. It is more reliable and cheaper to maintain than DCT. In that case, the clutch does not engage, it throws up a warning on the MID, and you have to downshift. In AMT transmission, the head toss can be quite bothersome. So, in a sense, you still control the revs like you would in a manual car, but without the action of pressing the clutch. TAFE is an Indian tractor major incorporated in 1960 at Chennai. Marketed as iMT or an ‘Intelligent Manual Transmission’, the gearbox sure has generated a lot of curiosity and more than a few questions. The following year, research was conducted on different types of tractors and the Massey Fergusonlicense was chosen. With no clutch pedal to operate, your left foot remains idle. Is it reliable for long term usage, as I read other automatic transmission are more reliable. When you shift gears, the sensors signal the actuators to disengage the clutch. There’s even a creep function where the car crawls at slow speeds after releasing the brake so you can inch in traffic without having to press the accelerator. Only disadvantage is comparatively less fuel efficiency; even DCT shares this fault. (The iMT technology foregoes the clutch pedal and operates the clutch plate and pressure plate electronically, with the help of sensors). This makes it one of the world's smallest transmissions, and its small size contributes to improved fuel efficiency. © Copyright Fifth Gear Ventures Ltd 2020. Hence still TC is the best type of gear box which gives overall balance. Next up on the cost of ownership front is the fuel economy. These engine could stand for 4,000 working hours to the general repair. Kia Motors recently revealed new details about its heavily touted innovative manual system, which has been designed for a range of upcoming mild-hybrid electric vehicles (MHEVs) by the South Korean brand. If you are an enthusiastic driver who likes to enjoy the occasional wheelspin and quick launch at traffic lights then the iMT is not ideal and you should go with the DCT or the regular manual variants. The world has moved to fully autonomous driving while Indian cos cant even develop own auto transmission gearbox for Indian conditions. To take off, you slot it into the first gear, release the brake and simply get going. This has been achieved through progressive changes in gear technology, gear design methods and the continual development and refi nement of gearbox standards. All rights reserved. So yes! Shifting gears is done the same way you do in a regular manual transmission, but without the hassle of pressing the clutch. The iMT is a one of its kind gearbox offered in the subcompact SUV segment. The Toyota Fortuner diesel has an intelligent manual transmission option. These two reasons are why manufacturers have rolled out the AMT automated manual transmission but the head toss and slow responses mean driver’s don’t particularly enjoy using it. So, let us have a closer look at this peculiar gearbox technology. Are spare parts from Massey Ferguson the same ? 2. Hi, I want to buy a car by the end of this year. Developed and produced in-house, the IVT is Kia’s version of a CVT … To avoid this, the best way is to let the foot of the throttle while shifting gears. The head toss is bothersome and the irregular shifts are unpleasant. Toyota has also developed a new manual transmission in response to global needs, particularly those in Europe. Does IMT factory still exists ? Is it more costly in terms of maintenance. Mahindra XUV300 AMT Gearbox for Diesel engine Prices - Rs 9.99 lakh onwards. There’s no possibility of slipping the clutch, burning it and damaging the components. After bringing the car to a halt in the first gear, the system automatically disengages the drive and depresses the clutch for you. The Metal Institute became the Industry of Machinery and Tractors (IMT) in 1954. The DCT gearbox on the Venue Turbo also doesn’t have launch control and in the interests of longevity it doesn’t launch from stand still aggressively. The selection cable is actuated when one moves the gearshift lever from left to right or vice versa.

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