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I use a Digitech Bad Monkey pedal for OD and a Rat for balls out distortion, but I'm more interested in how I can thicken clean lead sounds. Our focus here today is the iconic Fender Stratocaster- it includes improvements time tested and sworn upon by veterans of the guitar world. Get Straw Sounds from Soundsnap, the Leading Sound Library for Unlimited SFX Downloads. Some would suggest that this was the anomaly of his perfect design in the instrument. Every guitar player knows that thin neck guitars are much easier to play, since they This list of Best Thin Neck Acoustic Guitars is made after reviewing lots of Thin Neck Acoustic Guitars from online stores and research. It doesn't seem to matter what software I use the sound is thin, fuzzy, annoying, amateurish, etc. Plastic crap made for pennies and dumbed down for an ape to work on. Some in the industry believe that installing a base plate under the bridge pickup thickens the tone, something a little closer towards a Telecaster sound but without as much twang. Are you looking for a balanced, brighter or darker tone? I am going through the clean channel on my Vox Cambridge with no effects. With these in mind, you can obviously see why the low-action, thin neck acoustic guitars are a preferred option for many people. But we recommend getting the full Komplete 13 suite which includes Guitar Rig 6 and many other premium plugins. Also keep in mind that it changes the balance between the other 2 pickups. Brad Gillis used a metal pick back in the 80s for more bite on his Super Strat- it is technically another point of contact so it deserves mention. But if you've gotten other Strats to sound good through that amp, maybe you've just got a dud acoustically. Obviousley the pickups wont be helping but If I buy new ones and perhaps swap out the trem block will it still sound thin and harsh because of its weight? One of the main things that sets classical guitar apart from other types of guitar (like steel-string acoustic or electric) is our ability to drastically alter classical guitar tone and the sound of the guitar. How awful is it to play an E chord in perfect tune only to fret a sour sounding chord further up the register? But the more you overdub, the muddier it gets. All prices are in USD | That's what I am thinking, perhaps a set of standard Mex Strat pickup's from a later model? Ok - adjustments aren’t ever going to improve cack pickups. If there is one pickup that needs taming more than any other on your average Stratocaster, it would have to be the bridge position. The early MIM Stratocasters have the same Sung-il. My strat is getting better everyday!!! You may consider installing a master tone pot and using the second control instead as a blender pot, Lindy Fralin highly recommends this blender mod. Try it. 2) Intonation- properly setting up your Strat can make all the difference as you navigate throughout the fingerboard. This will make your sound fatter. They look good, feel good, but the sound is complete crap. Here's what to do- simply solder a capacitor (typically .002mf) between the live terminal on the volume pot and the center wiper terminal. 8) Tone Pot for Bridge Pickup & "Treble Bleed Mod"- there are close to 0 things Leo Fender did not get right very early on. You could install baseplates on all the pickups and they're less than a tenner. will it still sound thin and harsh because of its weight? "Take these three items, some WD-40, a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. Some swear by thick vintage style "Chunky"/"Baseball" profile necks in increasing sustain and improving tone. The tuning pegs you install can really help if you find you are going out of tune too much. Black Star Riders is a hard rock band formed in December 2012. Dare we recommend a humbucker? If it sounds thin, turn your amp up a little and turn your volume down on your guitar. While this is not for Strat purists, for some this is the single mod that made their Strat finally sound the way they wanted to hear it in their head (better known as the "Super Strat" design). This is a cheap and simple mod that retains treble/reduces mud as you dial back your volume control. It is probably the most balanced in frequency of tone woods. We have heard this can slightly soften the tone at the same time. On the flip side, if your neck position is a bit too boomy/muddy, try lowering it a tad until you dial in an EQ curve that is more consistent with the other 2. They do offer a slightly fuller sound. Callaham is probably the most respected manufacturer for this type of upgrade, if you are willing to spend the money. Using a top quality steel block can help the player achieve better sustain and response. At the same time, a picker can also really change the bite or warmth depending on how close to the bridge they pick (not to mention how hard the attack). We have already discussed the importance of the block. Are you going for a rounder or brighter tone? You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. You can't try to make it sound like a humbucker guitar as far as thickness and sustain - it is what it is. i tend to prefer the sound of full size buckers over single coil size but i do have a strat with three hot rails that sounds damn good Any man worth his salt can fix almost any problem with this stuff alone." I want it to sound like a Strat, only less thin. Or perhaps a loose grub screw? Unique sounds, especially the ones with the tuned sound holes. The key point here is subtlety, make small adjustments to balance tension. The goal is to play the highest gauge possible without impairing your personal style/ability to perform. We are the top Gaming gear provider. Usually a "U" or "Boat Shape" profile, it favors those who anchor the back of the neck with their thumb. The good news is that the market is chock-full of amazing pickups from both the original manufacturer (Fender of course- they have been doing this a very long time so don't ever write them off), time tested aftermarket pickup manufacturers (ie: Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio) and newer reputable higher end boutique manufacturers (ie: Lindy Fralin, Jason Lollar). This modification is one of the oldest ones around. Re: Duncan hot rails for tele sounds thin in a strat neck? I have set the pickup height, Fender spec then I had to lower them quite a bit. Some artists swear by playing with their fingers as opposed to a pick when referring to dynamics. Genre: . Instruments: . He had long curly blonde hair, very thin, a cool looking Fender amp, and a nice Les Paul. The 2 pickups in a tele aren't as much like each other. Still not bright enough? If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! I have been struggling to record a decent guitar sound to accompany a rather good drum and bass sound my band has put together. Even the White Stripes, Jack White, a lot of the time of course it is just guitar and drums, but a lot of the time he does use a pitch shifter to add in a bass part. Some of these are 2 pin retrofit for any modern American or Mexican Standard neck- no drilling! Really thickened it up. Much more important than pickups when it comes to the guitar's DNA. The scale length of your guitar – the distance from the nut to the 12th fret, times two – influences tone more than you might think. True die hard Strat players are easier to please in that area, I guess they choose and adjust their rigs to work with delicate sounding guitars. 9) Points of String Contact- this would include the tremolo saddles, nut, strings trees and tuner posts. Time for a poke around I think. It is lightweight, has beautiful grain patterns, and gives a warm sound with plenty of highs. This is why I fell out with my Strat, but you come back to it and I think you just fall in and out of love with different Guitars. Many insist that the tremolo be locked down with 5 springs/block in order to get better sustain/stability. Thin neck acoustic guitars are the kind of guitars to go for if you want more playing speed and versatility. When you find a set you love don't forget to change the strings routinely, they lose brilliance over playing time. My sound was thin, distorted and small, while his was warm, smooth, and large. Enjoy. And here it is with the Great Engl. 5) Change Pickups- this is really entirely dependent on the genre/what the particular player wants to achieve in their tone. It is certainly not a new concept, players have been doing it for over 40 years. You have probably heard how Eric Johnson does this on every Stratocaster he plays. 400+ pages. However, I would like to thicken the sound when I play lead. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I especially love them for the jangle and the quack. Then there is that old heated debate again. It does not hurt that the species is in the great abundance, which helps in mass production. Welcome to the MSI Global official site. And if so, presumably that doesn't sound thin through it. With that, here is our top 10 (not specifically in any order, except for #1). Coil splitting compromises power .. When I gave it a thorough run through at home against my 7.8 lb CS 56 and 7.5 lb Rory I was a bit disappointed. Top shelf parts across the board, acoustically resonant, and it feels right in your hands. No matter what mic/guitar/amp/interface it all sounds bad. Why you sound out of tune often depends on your level of experience. Beginners, for example, sound out of tune because they tend to tug at the strings pulling them sharp. Our most popular choice in the store is still the good old bone nut by far. Of course, the big trade-off is you lose the functionality of one of the greatest features of this magical instrument. The idea is to remove the lower end mud and give the upper register more presence. The lower strings sound perfect, but the high is just a bit thin. If your guitar lacks “fullness,” you can add more “body” by applying a boost to this frequency range using a bell filter. It also provides more distance from pickup magnets, which can dramatically alter tone (see #4 for pickup height). The Cambridge is actually not a bad amp. This was an unused set of fender strings that came with the guitar so I have no idea how old they are but they were in their sealed packaging so they should be Ok. Only other thing is the string tree that connects both these strings? The problem is almost certainly those pickups. String type (nickel wound/optional coated, stainless steel, etc.) Could this be coming from where the string passes through the bridge plate? We personally think it is a great affordable choice for tone wood and is relatively easy for finishing projects. This guitar runs through a Vox AC15 + SD-1. Some players even go so far as installing a titanium block (very expensive, but with excellent results). This is a 2004 MIA Deluxe with SCN pickups new-to-me guitar. Manufacturers including Schaller, Grover, Gotoh and Kluson also offer locking tuners that due a fantastic job of both keeping you in tune and changing strings faster. Some say it makes 0 difference, including a couple very reputable Fender licensed body manufacturers. I have a 2011 Blacktop with a Slash APH-2B and a Duncan STHR-1B with a downward slant on the higher strings (with an adapter I fashioned to fit in a humbucker slot). The saddles also can alter the tone depending on what the player is trying to achieve (see #8). Many believe that a Stratocaster benefits from a slightly higher action. If I'm remembering right, you also have an Epiphone Les Paul? Alder used to be very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and many Fender guitars from that era are made from Alder.Today it is a bit more expensive of a wood, relatively, and isn’t as common. The size of your hands plays a role in your choice of both profile and radius. Grab a Phillips-Head and bring up the height a bit as you play to hear how it changes the sound. Closing Notes. Some folks love a gloss finish, while a growing number have moved to satin as it doesn't "stick" in humidity. There are many simple tips online how to get it right (ie: play open note, compare to 12th fret harmonic, adjust saddles accordingly) but it does not hurt to bring it in to a tech who has spent their career mastering the setup. If the neck and middle pickup were reversed it wouldn't cause the middle and bridge to be out of phase with each other. I was going to suggest iron gear. Strat®, Stratocaster®, Esquire®, Telecaster®, Tele®, Jazzmaster®, Jaguar®, Mustang®, P Bass®, J Bass®, Fender® and the distinctive headstock design of Fender guitars are registered trademarks of Fender® Musical Instruments. etc. Easy. The Cambridge is actually not a bad amp. I somehow thought it would sound warmer than this. For example: I've run a few different bridge pups through my strat including the Chubtone El Gordo and Brobucker. Includes: START AGAIN #1 Limited Edition Variant print copy START AGAIN #1 print copy If you don't have it in yours and are having troubles with balance we really think it is worth the small amount of time to switch the wires. Fortunately, the modern models come stock with this feature. Lastly, string gauge plays a factor in many minds. Ibanez GA35CEDVS Acoustic/Electric Guitar. Read #5. That's an interesting point. The early Strats did not have it. That being said, there are no set rules- some modern styles such as sweeping arpeggios simply benefit from a flatter radius. We personally believe it is a journey rather than a destination- not unlike your playing. Guitar Mixing Tip #2: If You Don’t Need It, Mute It. Talk to any guitarist in the hottest summer months and you have probably heard the same. The meaty part of an acoustic guitar lives between 80-200 Hz. In postion 1, 3 and 5 (single pick-up) it is louder and thicker. Pretty much everything else sounds decent to great. I love some thick mids in the guitar sound, but be wary of applying too much because it can muddy up the track quite fast. Each copy of this limited edition print of START AGAIN #1, featuring new cover art by Neri Rearte, will be hand signed, numbered and only available on Kickstarter. All else being equal, the shorter, Gibson-standard scale length of 24.75 inches sounds different to the Fender standard 25.5 inches. If I'm remembering right, you also have an Epiphone Les Paul? The sound is stronger hence a good option for bluegrass flatpickers and strumming, it’s great for bends, has a less fret buzz; and on the flipside, its barre chords are challenging, and your fingers get tired too soon. Others, again, go with GraphTech (graphite) for less string breakage. on 7th Aug 2019. I am going through the clean channel on my Vox Cambridge with no effects. If the amp control settings that suit the LP are applied to a Stratocaster, it should sound thin (and quieter) by comparison. I have D.Allen Hot 54/59's in my Strat and they are designed to give more bottom for rock on the heavy strings with the traditional chime and quack of that era on the higher strings. As author Tom Wheeler noted in The Stratocaster Chronicles: Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Strat, “Players had other ideas.They discovered that balancing the pickup selector in between the notched positions provided additional sounds, typically described as thin, delicate, honky, quacky, hollow, and especially funky.” If you’re looking for a guitar that can provide you with the best of both the acoustic and the electric world, as well as having a thinner neck than conventional guitars to ensure that it’s easy to play, Ibanez has this gorgeous model that you’re sure to fall in love with from the moment you hold it for the first time. For a brighter tone there are also metal options such as the modern LSR roller nut which also helps with string breakage. Some may question this, but a man of his merit cannot be ignored. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I admit it sounded way better than my setup. Usually really precise oscs or DSPs My Sub37 even with one OSC on never sounds thin where my DX7II can sound thin on certain patches with all its poly. Position 3) The Bridge PU and the Neck PU in parallel, like a stock Tele in the middle switch position, creating a sweet full rhythm sound. I think robwright is still selling a bunch of them, that's where I got the tele ones. Im playing with pickup height now, its very quacky, almost too sensitive, if I don't want it to sound  like Daffy Duck I really have to try hard. On a purely unadulterated flat-top acoustic guitar, this is the secret to getting volume. Different neck profile/thickness are usually what our customers are going for. While he was not a guitar player, he was a genius inventor, master of electronics and keen observant of the Stratocaster in live application. ? ... Also the only way to get a good blues tone is to use a MIM Fender Strat, the MIA Strats sound too sterile. Fender makes a great set of "F" logo 2 pin retrofit lockers. - Walt Kowalski, "Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I don't understand." If any guitar is very fast responding and percussive, it tends to sound a little thin to my ears, it's like the lows take longer to develop, or the wood could be shunting those frequencies. Frets are also a topic of discussion. We have received amazing feedback from customers who are looking for the best of both worlds. Royalty free music. For your guitar, it sounds like something is up with that Hot Rails. Also, people say to put a different Trem block in , is that just a sustain thing? Although I can only speak from experience on the tele pickups - I'm well happy with them, they are sure to be a massive step up from them ceramics- plus they are pretty cheap. Anywhere that hardware or wood connects to wood can be sanded down/cleaned to bare wood- for example underneath the bridge area and in the neck pocket. He and many other players also remove the rear tremolo cover saying that it increases resonance and clarity. Swamp Ash in particular has seen great demand over the past decade due to its lighter weight. Anyways, in summary the next 9 tips are secondary to good old fashioned elbow grease at the end of the day. can also play a role in changing the sound of your instrument. The tone on my high E string sounds thinner then I would like. Nylon strings allow us the luxury of creating many different sounds. Whether you’re looking for a parlor acoustic guitar that’s lightweight and easy to travel with, or just looking for a small body acoustic guitar for fingerstyle playing, you’ve come to the right place. The thought is that they will make the guitar sound thicker and heavier. Compound these small adjustments and suddenly you have made a significant change to the instrument. Is there a way to still have a chimey sound (ala strat chime) and thicken up overdrive sounds. All the grub screws are touching the plate and if I press hard down on the saddle its still there. Those two things are the most important to getting a Strat to sound like a Tele: removal of the middle pickup and installing an actual Tele bridge pickup. From my amp the sound is fantastic, but the recording sounds thin and grainy. The tele is a thin line from 1968, and has a bridge pickup that is a custom wind, and is higher output. This video is unavailable. Really thin guitar sounds. I will check the other strings. I use .10 strings. I just like playing keyboards and I am sure to the pros every synth has its place in the mix. Conversely, the finest Stratocaster in the world will sound like chaos in the hands of a player who has not put in the hard time. Lastly is that old debate of finish that make many red in the face- one that tends to be heated between the old/new school players and manufacturers. We are, after all, parts people and our job is to help you fine tune, much like a golfer using the right clubs. The Fender website has great detailed instructions on how to increase/decrease relief. It makes all the right noises, it sounds very much like a Strat should, just a bit thin and harsh. I hate how my bridge pickup cuts through. - Homer Simpson. Keep in mind that any changes in the truss rod, tremolo tension, string gauge or string height will usually require an intonation adjustment. Have you tried to raise the pickup height a tad ? By nature, a single-coil equipped Strat will sound thin and have lower output when compared to most Tele's. I didn't even change the wiring round when I changed the pickups - I've been listening to the hot rail the entire time, not the Slash pickup! They are more likely to find/balance out other issues discussed below. This profile favors the player who wraps the thumb around the front edge, as opposed to anchoring the back/mid section. It happens less with the guitar sitting on its back but in the playing position is very noticeable. Are both coils working? Just messing around with some Strat specific tones. While on the topic of necks it is also important to mention truss rod adjustment. The Northern ash variety can certainly do a number on the back after a long gig. I have D.Allen Hot 54/59's in my Strat and they are designed to give more bottom for rock on the heavy strings with the traditional chime and quack of that era on the higher strings. If vibrato is a big part of your style and you lose it with too much mass than that is a cost/benefit you do not want to mess with. did a little guitar noodling this morning. You have probably read more than a few tips over the years about how one can achieve "perfect guitar tone". Guitar lube products can also be used at all points of contact to help with string breakage problems. Alder has been the wood of choice by Fender for many years, and for good reason. The strat is a boutique partscaster, and has a set of pickups that are supposed to be like a strat set from the 1960’s. Posted by If I pluck the string close to the saddle, say between bridge and bridge pickup there is no rattle, if I pluck it further up towards the neck its there, the further up towards the neck I pluck the worse it gets. I don't mind the odd bit of funk, and a treble rich strat in that context sounds good-thin. Thin to me is lacking warmth or drift that gives some more sonics or movement to the sound. However, there are some important modifications that can be done to make subtle improvements to your guitar. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. While its origins cannot be confirmed, some sources claim that it was the idea of the famous Western swing guitarist, Eldon Shamblin; others attribute the trick to one of the fathers of the Stratocaster, Bill Carson. Since 1946, Fender's iconic Stratocasters, Telecasters and Precision & Jazz bass guitars have transformed nearly every music genre. With nuts there also many options out there. Basswood is a relatively cheap and lightweight choice (EVH used this with a maple top successfully)- the wood grain is not pleasing to the eye so it is best finished in a solid color. If we are thoughtful in our approach, we can construct ambiences that not only provide dimensionality to the mix but also aid in filling out an otherwise thin arrangement. There was a young guitarist clearly playing through his first guitar rig, as it was all entry level stuff. I have tried a BUNCH of options and nothing seems to help. Have it done as part of your intonation/ set up. 1) Practice/Playing Style- no need for a detailed explanation here. Position 4) … Featuring signed copies of START AGAIN #1 Limited Edition Variant and START AGAIN: Stories #2. In regards to saddles some like to keep it old school with bent steel, while others prefer solid cast steel for more stability and perceived sustain. The STRATosphere Some insist that the modern polyurethane finish dampens tone and that nitrocellulose lacquer is the way to go. 4) Pickup Height- have you ever noticed that stock Fender Strats come with pickups factory installed at a staggered height? On most alnico magnet pickup designs you need to be careful not to get too close as the magnets can literally pull on the string and dampen your notes. Obviously, what you plug into after is probably equally as important/complex... but we will cover that in a later article. There is really no such thing as perfection no matter how much you chase it. It is never a one size fits all type of answer.

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